Lockdown 3? Day 3?

I don’t remember which day this is anymore.But Lockdown has become a great oppurtunity to learn new things. Few days ago I came across a tweet about a meetup titled How to maximize your professional grouwth, So I cold DMed (Yes, It’a a thing it is like cold email but via twitter DM)

Nikhil was kind enough to sponsor me to attend the meetup. I got to learn a lot from the meetup. Here are some key takeaways.

The Talk started with Pre-requisites for success -

There 7 traits are important and sets you apart in almost any room you get into

  1. Enthusiasm

Always be enthusiastic. Enter any situation expecting magic to happen i.e something cool will come out of it. It could be a meetup, conversation, meeting etc

  1. Curiosity

    Always have hunger to know more.

  2. Patience

    Success can take long time and it may not happen instantaneously. Your career should be designed in a way where your 20s are essentially the time where you take risks and face everything that life throws at you - “THE TEST OF FIRE MAKES FINE STEEL!!!”

  3. Humility

    It’s important have basic humility to say “I Don’t know” / “I Need to learn More”

  4. Earned Arrogance

    Ego when channeled can do wonderful things.

  5. Hunger

    Don’t be satisfied with mediocrity.

  6. Authencity

    It’s very easy to get carried way by role models/peers - “This person has that and I want to be like that”. At the end of the day it is very difficult to compete with somebody at their forte.

Try to be the best version yourself. It’s is about figuring out how to compete with your self.


You need to have three people in life who will help you to learn

PLUS -> A Mentor, One who has lot of experience that you have and can guide you. You need to their student and lean from them. This can be college senior, Family member etc

MINUS -> Student, You will learn more by teaching that by learning. Teaching is the best way to learn. Having somebody who is less experience than you or at a earlier stage of thier journey then you. By simplifying seemingly complex concepts and teaching them will give you more clarity about whatever you are trying to learn

EQUALS -> PEERS, Who are approximately at same level as you and are trying to get better at same thing as you. The chances that you can grown by sharing resources is high. You can get better by talking to each other. For example try scheduling call with someone who can help you be accountable.