Job ID 10045506

Let me get straight to the point -

I have extensive experience writing code in Python and C/C++, which will allow me to hit the ground running in this role. Additionally, my creative sensibility and robust portfolio of work showcase my ability to apply technical expertise to create interactive applications, game designs, and theatrical installations with interactive software.

With my passion for technology and my ability to rapidly learn new techniques and tools, I am confident that I can contribute to your team and exceed your expectations.

Preferred qualification and relevant proof of work -

Basic familiarity with theatrical hardware and its control (lighting fixtures, DMX, automation ,etc.)

Here’s my project work playing with LEDs in my apartment

Basic hardware prototyping skills including the design of simple circuits, experience with platforms such as the Raspberry Pi, and microcontrollers built on the Arduino platform

Raspberry Pi and Arduino are ❤️

Rasperry Pi currently controls and hosts many of my projects -

You can check it out live here Raspberry Pi Home Server link .

I have built multiple projects using Rpi

Raspberry Pi based automated Plant monitoring system - Hello Friend

Some light experience working with physical actuators including servomotors, solenoids, stepper motors, etc.

As an electrical/Electronics engineer I have the ability to design circuits and built PCBs on my own -

Relevant Project using servo motors

I have been tinkering with Electronics for more than 8 Years now -

This video of my project was shot 8 Years ago

My curiosity, previous work experience, projects and willingness to continuously improve make me an ideal candidate for this role.

Disney please hire me :)