1.Programming languages

2.Other Technologies




Grading scale:

Range Expertise
10 You literally have written a book.
7 - 9 Expert, go-to person on this technology.
5 - 6 Solid daily working knowledge. Highly proficient.
3 - 4 Comfortable working with this, have to check manual on some things.
1 - 2 Have worked with it previously but either not much, or rusty.

Programming languages/ Frameworks

Grade Name Notes
5 GoLang Current primary language at work and for side Projects
5 React Work and for side Projects
4 C / C++ Undergrad Coursework
3 VHDL, Verilog Undergrad Coursework
4 Python Side Projects, Numpy, Scraping
4 Linux Range 5
4 HTML, CSS, JavaScript Used Side Projects
3 Ruby, Rails Side Projects, Udemy Course
2 MySQL, Postgres Postgres at Work,Wordpress, IOT Projects

Other Technologies

Grade Name Notes
4 Kubernetes Basic Knowledge, Can Set up Wordpress sites with Auto scaling
5 Hardware Prototyping
5 IIoT Consultancy Project, Built Realtime Machine Monitoring for KennaMetal
5 Embedded system design Embedded system programming (Microcontroller, DSP, FPGA)
5 Git Range 5
4 AWS, Heroku , Digital Ocean Hosting
4 Networking DNS, TCP/IP, Apache, Nginx, VLAN, Gateways
4 Video Editing Final Cut


I can learn any technology quickly and start building projects.

I can also understand the Existing codebase very fast.

I have the power to document stuff in a way that makes using them awesome.

Enabling IoT in Legacy electronic devices


Grade Name Notes
6 English Schooling/College
5 Hindi
7 Kannada Native Speaker
4 Marathi Native Speaker


I am able to work effectively in a team or on my Own. I have demonstrated an ability to lead small Teams and mentor other workers. I pride myself on being able to use my knowledge and initiative to deliver high quality results to tight deadlines. I enjoy a challenge and look for the opportunity to expand and develop my skill set. What does matter is the output of my work, which is always focused at the point where user, business and technical requirements meet and tends to become a perfect product.