The final Episode of Phase 1 

 Tomorrow results will be announced. Got kind of weird feeling don’t wanna score good marks but at same time I do want to score. But Now marks won’t matter much knowledge will.

It’s almost 24 days, staying away from home I learnt a lot about world.

Everyday I learn a new lesson on How to Deal with people and avoid conflicts now I am trying to find positivity in every aspects. 

I just assume the past was a simulation that was run to debug the errors and improve the program rather then having that guilty feeling its better to learn and move on.

This has really helped me a lot.

When I go home back again I will assure you that I will be a different Human being. 

 Believers are believing 

Rest are blaming 

But I don’t care, I have a long way to go

Can’t just waste it in clearing doubts 

Not ego. Just confidence