This is B Siddhartha

Analog at Birth Digital by Design.

My name is B Siddhartha, I am an undergraduate student at RVCE studying Electronics and Communication with a concentration in automation.

I’ve created this site to serve as a blog, portfolio of projects and personal archive. It will be some time before I can consider the cataloging of my various projects complete, as the details of these projects are spread across multiple computers, hard disks (I found my first gigabyte hard drive in a box the other day, I wonder what treasures it holds), and forums on the internet.


some of my projects:

The Belgaum Project 300th Post Video

Speed Test

LEAD Feature

RVCE 4th SEM D Android APP

Flashmob – 8th Mile 2017

Donation Video for RVSCT

A day Before 8th mile Video